How to take advantage of the customized feather flags for your brand

Advertising flags are a type of propaganda with an excellent optical effect. Something to keep in mind as a company: personalized banners offer a wealth of colors and statements that can be reflected in different measures and formats, so you can attribute more emphasis to what you consider truly decisive in your promotion.

The idea of the commercialization and the promotion of the banners have a great change at present, concerning the traditional announcements like paintings on the walls, neon’s or luminous that used the traditional establishments.

Advertising flags are the ideal support for the image of all brands, so do not hesitate to stand out with them. Consider all the details so that you can take advantage of them widely, the first thing is to understand why the customized feather flags are your best option.

Feather Flags are your best option

Customized feather flags are a new kind of advertising support, used as well as drops for sports or advertising events. This type of support is made with a reinforced side sleeve and without seams on the rest of the flag.

The customized feather flags are economic supports, visible at a long distance, with a very resistant structure and at the same time light and easy to assemble and transport. That is why more and more, customized feather flags are an ideal solution to highlight a brand or product.

Specifically, our own customized feather flags are designed for both indoor and outdoor; that’s why we have three structure sizes.

The customized feather flags move with the wind, to attract the attention of their customers. Our pen flags are an excellent solution for displaying your ads and drawing the attention of your customers.

How to choose the best graphics for your customized feather flag:

The graphics are easily interchangeable, and their shape allows turning 360º. It has excellent resistance to external atmospheric agents. The type of digital printing fabric flag for flag allows a very wide range of ultra-vivid colors visible on both sides.

An advantage of customized feather flags is that they do not need extensive design. Being an advertisement of limited size and with a very specific purpose, simplicity is vital to maximizing your success. A good contrast between the elements is what will allow the flag to stand out and achieve its final goal, which is to attract customers.

You can imagine that for visibility yellow and red are some of the most used colors in these cases, although it is best to use the colors of your brand with the purpose of reinforcing the recall. Think about the message you want to convey and keep in mind the emotions that each color can evoke. Blue, for example, transmits confidence and tranquility, which is why it is widely used in the financial world.

Yes, keep in mind that the design can go on one side or both. If you choose to use both sides these should not interfere with each other on your customized feather flag.

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