How to design your own custom banner correctly?

You want to print an advertising custom banner, but you do not know where to start, or you do not want to “miss the shot.” Today we are not going to tell you what to do but what you must avoid at all costs to succeed in the design of your canvas.

1- Colors:

When preparing the composition of your custom banners, check that you have chosen a CMYK color profile and not RGB because otherwise, you will see the colors of your canvas especially muffled. This is because the RGB profile, which is adapted to the on-screen display, is not suitable for printing. Apart try to contrast colors, especially in texts since the first thing you are looking for is to get a visual impact. If these do not stand out, you will detract from your design.

2- Security zone:

In custom banners (and in general any printed design) it is essential to leave a security zone so that, when cutting the perimeter, critical information is not lost. But it is also the custom banner usually wear eyelets for support, and therefore it is always advisable not to put texts, logos or relevant content at 5 centimeters from the edge of the custom banner. Do not place the domain of your website in that area; surely a button covers a fundamental letter. If it is giant, that margin must be higher to ensure the perfect placement of the contents.

3- Readability:

In addition to the theme of colors, it is crucial to achieve the greatest readability, use clear and very legible typographies, avoid accumulating too many photographs or texts that are too long. Always think that in the blink of an eye the content of your canvas should remain stuck in the passer-by’s eye. If you are going to use a photo, think about what the ideal picture would be. If you are going to integrate a slogan, think about the one that best defines your message. Texts? A logo and sometimes a URL of your website are more than enough. No need to dump all the contents of your business card.

4- Placement:

Knowing exactly what and where your custom banner will be placed will give you the key to know what to order. If it is very large, outdoors and with exposure to the wind, that is microperforated. If it is inside and very large format, better reinforced in its perimeter to support its weight. There is a canvas for each use and for this, the idea is to ask your trusted professional first.

5- Use:

This point is perhaps the most obvious but not the most respected, and that our experience tells us that not being clear about the message implies that we seek to overload our content design, messages, data that ultimately do not favor the correct use of an advertising custom banner that is usually seen in an instant. A clear and concise design is better than a set of overloaded data that will ultimately make most people who see it have no time to read your custom banner.

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