Solid Color Checkered Feather Flags

Solid Color Checkered Feather Flags

Our Solid Color Checkered Feather Flags are great way to add some color and gain more attention your business, sporting event or any application. They are eye catching to help you get the attention you are looking for. This section contains all the color we offer such as red, blue, green yellow, pink and more!

Dyes used to make these flags are of the highest quality and will not quickly fade, run, or deteriorate.  Also the pole option on each of these feather flags is our rounded top pole that will keep your flag flying even if there is no wind. Additionally the spike is made of high grade aluminum that will not rust. The flag material is double stitched to protect against tears in strong winds, though it is recommended that you bring all of your feather flags inside during storms and very heavy weather conditions. These feather flags should last about three years if they are properly maintained.

Use several flags of the same or slightly varying colors and styles if front of your place of business for the best exposure and of course if you need a flag with your contact information like phone or email you can always visit our custom flag builder to get exactly what you want.

Customers who buy more flags in a single purchase should request a bid for orders of 50 or more flags. You will receive special pricing for bulk feather flag purchases.

Businesses that use Solid Color Checkered Feather Flags see a marked improvement in walk in customers as well as brand association for current customers. Your new Solid Color Checkered Feather Flags will improve your business!

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