Care, Warranty & Returns of Flags

To Assemble pole:

All our Heavy Duty outdoor hardware for our feather flags will out last several new flags, some of our customers have had the same poles for over 10 years, just replacing flags.

1. Aluminum pole set have dimples on the Top of each straight pole,
Slide the small pole into the fat pole and the curve pole into the middle
pole. Slide flag on pole. String is for spinner holder if needed.

2. Carbon Fiber Pole/Travel Poles, fit together fattest on bottom.
Layout poles with platic tops up,The top of the middle and top aluminum pole have plastic piece only (5 pc pole). Slide flag on pole and pull to make curve at top of pole. String though the clip to tighten to look correct for flag or tear drop.

Flag Care

1. Never put up near any fence, wall, pole, or any other object that will allow the flag to flap against when the wind is blowing.


3. Never wash the flags. But you can use a little mild soap and spray with hose while hanging to dry. The ink will not run from water. You can hose down the flag while hanging to get loose dirt off to extend life.

4. The aluminum pole sets can with stand winds up to about 30-35 mph, but in any storm you can get gust over that amount. Remove Flags and Poles when a storm is approaching. Xstands are for indoor use and using outside you must secure with sand bags, not water bags.

Bearing spike/xstands are moving parts, and need maintenance. You must maintain the bearing, keep it clean, tight and oiled, Or it will break on you.
If you leave outside for long periods of time you must do the maintenance at least once a week. If a lot of shifting winds come up re check bearing and nut often. Never pound into solid ground, use standard steel spike for extra hard ground. DO NOT POUND WHEN TEMP IS BELOW 40 DEGREES. Do not use in freezing weather. Use our standard spike, no bearing.

Avoid dirty areas, and water systems.

5. The composite pole sets (travel & tear drop) are not designed for long term outdoor use, and should be removed if the wind gets near 20 mph.

These speeds are estimates, gust could bend or break the poles.

Even if 5 flags are together in an open area, one or more may bend because of the whipping wind, and the others may not. This is because of the way wind may whip one Flag over another.
Never assume it is a manufacture defect, the poles are made to our quality specs.

Factory Repair

If you have a rip, tear or the sleeve rips on feather flags, you can send back to us for repair. We will inspect the flag, quote you any repair fees if not a Warranty repair, plus shipping. You can include a UPS return shipping label if you wish. (no Fedex or USPS Labels)

Ship to:
Factory Warehouse Repair
Attn: Greg Stone
6251 Box Springs Blvd.
Riverside, CA 92507

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Inspect poles each day or weekly to see if the wind has caused the poles to show wear, or have any burrs at the tops of each pole.

1. Keep clean, the areas where poles join with wd-40
2. Inspect for burrs, remove any burrs before it cuts the sleeve.
3. Dimples on tops of poles will wear because of the wind.
4. To repair Dimples use a Phillips Screw Driver and Hammer to tap into pole again.

Bent or broken poles, happen because of Wind or People. We do review the weather in your area for any storms, and wind gusts in the 40 mph range will for sure bend or break poles, and take your flags for a ride down the street. Use common sense when the weather is coming, take the flag in.


Our Flags are design & printed for outdoor use on the street for customers to see at 25-55 mph. If you need a flag for upclose viewing, less than 10 ft, contact us for pricing.

ALL Flags will move and wrap around pole. Winds that buffeted the flag will cause more wrapping then straight line winds, watch and adjust as needed. Trucks passing will cause buffeting flags.

Feather Flags are a Textile printed material and will fade in the Sun like any cloth you hang on a line outside. All Ink on material in the sun will fade about 3-5% per month. Most Flags get up to 9-12 months or more, depends on number of hot sunny days. Hot areas with temps over 90 all the time the flags will fade faster. Red ink on any flag or banner will fade faster than other colors. There is no expressed warranty for feather flags except for manufacturer defects.

We have tested the Flags and if you bring in every night they will last longer. Reason, the moisture in the night air gets in the fibers and the next day with the dirt in the flag and moisture, it works like a washing machine and breaks down the ink. If you have freeze, like anything frozen it will be destroyed. Use common sense.

There is no Warranty for Fading or wind damage, just the workmanship of the flag when it leaves our factory. Damage to flags like rips, tears, cuts, freeze are caused by Man or Nature and are not covered. If the seams come undone within one year that is covered. We have never had a seam come loose.

And like the poles if 5 flags together and only one rips in the Storm…we advised you to bring in the flags before storms get there. This poly knit material does not rip easy, but will rip in storms.


20% Restocking fee for flags/hardware in original package, with no marks and unused. Flags that have been used for a day will not be taken back. All returns must be done within 5 working days.
Returns because of color not what you wanted, must be in package and resale-able as new.

Customer must pay shipping both ways.

Custom/Semi Custom flags are not returnable.

Our group holds the patent on Feather Flags U.S. Pat.: D633947

Other terms apply call for complete details

Privacy policy: We do not sell your names to anyone.

Any special on shipping applies to retail posted prices and not discounted for volume, franchise, or other discounted prices requested or given.
Nothing is free, everyone adjusts prices to give something for free. Custom Orders from China have no special on shipping. All specials can be resended by not doing the flag job. We reserve the right to resuse service to anyone. Any Special Prices will be emailed, no over the phone prices will be honored unless received in email also. Too many people hear what they want, and may not ask the question they thing they did.